Future Exhibitions

North Wales Potters is always looking for venues for exhibitions of members work. If anyone knows of a suitable venue please let one of the committee know.

ICF 2017. North and South Wales Potters have an exhibition of members work at the ICF. This is a selected exhibition and members wishing to show work have to apply. A selection group will then look at the submitted images and select those producing work suitable for this exhibition. The application form is detiled below.

Please follow Louise’s instructions carefully. Every time we go through this people do not submit the correct number of photographs – which is 3, or send money which is not required until you are selected.


Plas Glyn-y-Weddw

Louise and Bev are inviting all members to suggest suitable events that you as NWP members can offer to run during the planned NWP + SWP exhibition at Plas Glyn-y-Weddw

The exhibition is planned for Sept/Oct 2017.

The centre has offered the NWP + SWP the entire ground floor to exhibit our work and have asked that we also run some activities alongside. The Gallery is a stunning building in a beautiful location. They have also hosted many exhibitions of ceramics and their shop features many well known potters. It has been suggested that a marquee could be erected in the grounds for hands -on demonstrations and practical classes.