North Wales Potters is a member’s organisation that is open to anyone interested in ceramics in the widest sense. Our membership includes full-time professional potters, part-time potters, complete beginners and those who just can’t keep away from clay.  Acting as a group we gain strength by sharing knowledge, enthusiasm and commiserating over the occasional disastrous firings. We aim to encourage the exchange of ideas and techniques through demonstrations and hands-on practical sessions.  Lectures cover many aspects of ceramics including technical, historical and artistic topics. Leading ceramic artists are invited to discuss their work, its development and inspiration. These events provide an opportunity for meeting like-minded souls with an addiction to clay which can lead to valuable collaborations or at least some insight into your affliction.  Events are held at venues throughout North and Mid Wales to allow access by as many members as possible.


For the past few years we have held a Raku Event, typically in late August. These have proved to be hugely popular and at last year’s event we had to run three kilns flat-out to cope with demand. These events are highly dependent on the good will of a dedicated band who advise on glazing, try to prevent serious accidents and create an atmosphere of fun but we are always on the lookout for new recruits. Hopefully, once the memories of the physical exhaustion caused by these events wear off, they will foolishly volunteer to do another one.

North Wales Potters holds regular exhibitions. The work exhibited in some of these is selected by the gallery staff; in other cases by NWP committee but each year we try to hold some which are open, to allow potters at all levels of development to get their work seen. As part of the process of becoming a ceramic artist it is inevitable that sooner or later you will submit to the judgement of your peers and the public. In recent years we have started to hold pottery markets and take tables at craft events to provide opportunities to sell work.

Communication with members is via Emails about events, this website and a Facebook page. We have a vacancy for a Newsletter Editor. If you want anything added to this website please contact me;  Richard Morris, nantglyn.ysgol@yahoo.com


With the support of the Arts Council of Wales (Craft Board); North Wales Potters, together with South Wales Potters and Aberystwyth Arts Centre, organise and host the spectacular International Ceramics Festival every two years. This popular event, the biggest in Europe, invites internationally respected guest demonstrators and attracts participants from all over the world, for this weekend extravaganza of ceramics. 2019 is an ICF year.

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in ceramics, whether you are a professional ceramist, enthusiastic amateur, student, teacher or collector. Most of our members live in North or Mid-Wales as most events are held in this region, however, membership is open to anyone with a love of ceramics.

Currently we have approximatly fifty members spread across the whole of North Wales and Mid-Wales, the Wirral and one in London.