Committee – below are introduced some of the committee stalwards who make NWP’s run. It is not comprehensive as I seem to have an incomplete set of photographs.




Bev Bell-Hughes is our long standing Chair. Through her exstensive contacts she manages to find exciting speakers and demonstrators. Contact







Sue Barnes is our treasurer and one of our representatives on the International Ceramic Festival Board. Sue has a Craft Shop in Dolgellau – Dispy Dragon, and as can be seen from the image has a great variety of interests. Contact










Eleni Marjot, seen in action here at a Raku Event is our Membership Secretary. This is a vital, unsung role, which she does with great care, competence and forbearing. Please make sure you pay your dues on time as it is a pain having to chase people.






Louise Schrempt is another long standing committee member with loads of valuable experience. For many years she has organised the ICF exhibition of NWP and South Wales Potter’s work. In addition she organises most of NWP’s exhibitions. Louise is also the inspiration behind the Raku events. In addition she is ahighly original ceramic artist – and lots of fun.








Darren Edgley is our Student Representative. You may notice that he is mature student but he is very young at heart. Always prepared to turn his hand to anything he can help with, he has become and absolute rock in NWP. He has also foolishly taken on being an ICF director.